Dr. Rachel Gordge

(Registered Osteopath)

Rachel is a real star and from the day she has joined us patients have really loved her approach and the way she treats.

She's a bright one (Masters degree in Osteopathy and golden key award for academic excellence) and that definitely helps her diagnose and work out where your problem is.

But the reason patients love her so much is that she is very practical and also very kind and warm hearted. Great qualities in an osteopath.

She's comes from a big family and that's why she good at treating kids as well as adults as she can easily put them at ease and provide the safe environment they need when being treated.


Rachel's treatment Style

Having being treated several times by Rachel I can tell you that she is very good at finding the right style that your body type and your problem needs.

Sometimes she will be direct and really get in there and work the area for you and other times when a more gentle approach is needed she knows when to allow your body the space it needs to reorganise and settle.

And she can do that because of the wide range of techniques she is trained in including muscle energy techniques, manipulation, cranial and visceral.

These techniques are very different to each other and that's important because we need to find exactly the right technique for your build, your muscle and nervous system type and of course your problem

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