A Team of 4 Gold Coast Osteopaths

With over 25 years  experience treating thousands of patients.

Helping you with back pain, neck pain, shoulder problems and many other muscle and joint difficulties.

 Tel : 07-5527-3171 

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Our Gold Coast Osteopaths treat Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Sports Injuries, Arthritis and a whole range of other problems and conditions, click the image above for more details of how we can help you.

Babies, Children & Teens

From new borns to toddlers and teens we've given thousands of treatments and know the ins and outs of all these age groups from what they present with to what works for them. Click the image above for more details.


Whether it's support through your pregnancy, recovery afterwards or as part of your team that helps with fertility our osteopaths have vast experience of this field of treatment.

The ION Osteopath Gold Coast Clinic is 1 min off the Pacific Highway at Nerang

Tel 07-5527-3171

Address : ION Osteopath Gold Coast, 4 Nerang Street, Nerang, Gold Coast

Tel : 07-5527-3171