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Welcome to the education and training section of our clinic. Here you will find articles and programs to help baby.

Please note that everything here is knowledge that is tried and tested and is based on the practical experience gained from many years working in clinic with parents and babies.

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Educational Blogs

These articles are to hep parents with common problems that occur with babies.

Why Do Babies Get Flat Heads

It's important to know the why behind this otherwise you may think that's it's your fault and you did something wrong, but that's not the case.

Fixing Head Shape in Baby

Learn the 4 principles behind changing baby head shape so that it is no longer flat or uneven. All 4 of these you can use at home to help your baby.

Colic and What to do about it

What is colic are what are your options for fixing it if your baby is suffering.

Breastfeeding and Baby

There's a lot of time spent on teaching breastfeeding technique but sometimes it's that baby is in pain or has muscle tightness that is preventing a good latch


Are you ready to go that next step to help baby? Reading and research is good but practical skills that you can put in place immediately in order to help your baby are even better.

Flat Heads in Baby

Often babies can have flat or uneven head shape, this course will show you how you as a parent can fix these problems. It also addresses any neck issues that baby may have as this often can cause head shape problems.

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Stretching For Babies

Stretching for baby can be very benefitial and can help with many issues including colic, reflux and constipation. This program will walk you through and teach you this wonderful skill so that you can help your baby.

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