Back Pain Treatment - Gold Coast Osteopaths

Like to get rid of your back pain?

Our osteopaths have over 50 years experience

helping patients recover from back problems.

All those years of experience has shown us hundreds of different types of back pain, from sciatic pain and disc problems through to upper back and neck pain and most everything else spine related.


In fact every case is different in some way although when you've treated as long as us you see lots of similar patterns and you get to learn what works well and more importantly what doesnt'!

How will we treat your back pain ?

We always give you 1 hour for your first treatment - and that gives us time to examine your spine and pelvic bones and all of your back muscles and ligaments. That's vital for two reasons:


1) Rushed treatment can end up being 'sore' treatment.

2) Rushed treatment can often mean only temporary relief. 

Back pain can be complex because there are so many different factors that could be causing it, is it muscle? ligament? disc? poor bone alignment? nerve entrapment? Or something else entirely? 

That's why good skills with the hands to work through and test all these areas is a key to successful treatment. And the key is to do this gently and with respect - after all this is just the examination, the fact finding to see what type of treatment your body and your problem needs.

Different People Like Different Strength Treatments

Once the examination is over we'll know what kind of treatment you need - this is from the information we've gathered with our hands by testing your muscles and spine. But it's also because we get a chance to talk to you, as you often will have a preference - some people like strong treatment and manipulation whereas for others that's exactly what they don't want!

And because we've treated so many different patients that's fine with us, as we're very experienced in usings lots of different techniques in lots of different cases. In fact its part of what we love - even with a job you love if you had to do the same same all the time you lose your love of it, so lots of different patients with lots of different likes and dislikes it exactly what we thrive on !


Treatment Videos

We adjust the treatment to suit your body, your problem and your pain levels, the 3 videos below will give you a feel for some of the different types of treatment styles we use

Of course we see lots of other problems as well as back pain including  knee, hip  and ankle problems as well as shoulder and rib pain and headaches.

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