Dr. Evans (Registered Osteopath)

I trained at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London, UK graduating in 2004 with 1st Class Honours. 

It was a great education but I also wanted to build on that with an old fashioned mentorship with lots of one on one learning and so I started a search for the best osteopaths to learn from. That search took me across the globe, to new Zealand and at the time leaving family and friends in the UK was daunting as  I knew absolutely nobody in NZ. But ...

... it was a great decison 'cos not only was the mentorship I received working with Ben Evans worldclass, but I also met my wife Charlotte and soon we had two boys, Makani and Tiake. (As you can see now not so young).

Seven years later we followed the well worn path of many New Zealanders and moved to Australia.

We started off in Canberra but the weather was too much so we moved and opened our 1st Australian clinic in Tweed Heads and then in 2014 we moved to our current location here in the Gold Coast.

Australia has been awesome to us and now in 2018 as a family we're living in the Sunshine Coast. We do of course still have the clinic here in the Gold Coast and I travel down regularly to see patients.

Treating babies has always been a very stong focus for me but I do of course treat adults and having started off in a rural practice in NZ I have seen a huge variety of problems, everything from back pain through to the weird and not so wonderful problems that often can't even be given an accurate description.

I do take new patients, although there is a waiting list, so if it's urgent I would recommend you first see one of the other osteopaths here at the clinic as we will be able to get you in faster. I've personally been involved in training them all so you'll be in very good hands.

With regard to my style of treatment, it's gentle and patients do often ask me if i'm doing Reiki - not intentionally, as I've never had Reiki treatment and I'm not trained in it, but I mention it to give you a feel for what patients say as that may clue you better to my style!

Other patients do describe my style as 'cranial' but I definitely won't spend the whole time holding your head so that's maybe misleading!

But I certainly do take a gentle approach to treatment and I never perform any 'cracking' or 'Thrust' techniques. So if I was forced to put a description on what I do I would describe it as Eclectic Cranial. Eclectic in that I do whatever feels right for the person that I am treating and often I won't know what that is until I put my hands on a patient. So each treatment can be very different depending on what you need at that time. But underpining all my treatments is an approach that involves listening to what is needed and then working with your body to provide that rather than forcing on it a fixed routine of techniques that may or may not be what is needed

If you'd like to know more just ring the clinic and let us know what you need help with and we'll be happy to chat more.

Especially if you are thinking of bringing your baby in, and you've not experienced gentle treatment before as it may be difficult for you to visualise how we can be very gentle with your baby and yet at the same time be effective in helping them.