Dr Lyndal Sharples - Registered Osteopath

The spark that started Lyndal on her journey of helping others began early when as a teenager she experiencing huge health benefits from osteopathic treatment.

She’s now been treating patients for over a decade initially in New Zealand (where she owned her own clinic) and then in Samoa when she became their first ever osteopath! But Being a Gold Coast local even the charms of the islands couldn’t hold her and she returned home in 2014 to enjoy the awesomeness that is our Gold Coast.  

You will find her to not only be a highly skilled and experienced osteopath but also someone who is naturally caring and always takes the time to listen and understand your problems from your point of view. This combination of caring and a wonderful ‘healing’ touch makes Lyndal very popular with her patients.

Her Treatment Style

Lyndal treats all ages including babies and children which she has particular soft spot for having grown up in a big family and always been surrounded by kids. She has a wide range of different methods for treating people and having given thousands of treatments she has the experience to know which treatment style and touch will suit you. Sometimes gentle, sometimes strong, sometimes in between -but whatever the choice of treatment always skillful.

Lyndal is very passionate about the huge benefits that osteopathy can make in people’s lives and so as well as treating patients she also is a Clinical Tutor on the Southern Cross University Masters of Osteopathy course.


Through this role she is able to pass on her experience and skills to the next generation of osteopaths.


In her ‘non osteopath time’ she’s into Pina Colades and getting caught in the rain. She’s not into Yoga …. Oh sorry that’s someone else I’m thinking of !! Actually she is into yoga, loves art, rock climbing, bush walking, snowboarding and lots of travel. Kind of the same really other than the Yoga !

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