Neck Pain Treatment

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Our osteopaths have years of experience treating many different neck problems.

Neck problems comes in many many different ways, maybe it's a sharp pain or a dull consistent ache, maybe a neck that won't turn properly or move at all.

Often it can even cause pain down into your shoulder and arm and of course neck problems and can even cause headaches and fugginess of throught

And what's true for nearly all neck problems  is that they really strongly effect your ability to function properly, and this can make us tired and even grumpy.

Getting Effective and Lasting Relief 

Of course this is the whole key to treatment - to

Get you out of pain quickly

 To restore your normal movement.

 To get both of these to last and not have your neck problem return.

This can be no easy task especially if your problem has been going for a while. It's why we always spend an hour with you on your first visit.  That time is needed to fully work out what's going on with your muscles, ligaments and bones. That time is also of course needed to accurately and precisely treat the areas that will make a real change for you. 

Different People Like Different Treatments

It's important  to work out the exact type of treatment your neck needs. We do that by examining your muscles and spine and by talking with you. As some people love having their neck 'cracked', however many others hate it. And there's even a third group who 'put up' with neck 'cracking' because even they don't like it they think it's the only option that works.

From many years of treating necks we have seen over and over that there are many other ways of treating necks, in fact for long standing problems we have found that 'cracking' is far less effective than other treatments.  These other treatments vary from gentle to strong, but they are applied slowly so that we can work with your body and get release through the muscles and joints.

The videos below are short snippets of this type of neck treatment.

Of course we see lots of other problems as well as neck pain including  backknee, hip  and ankle problems as well as shoulder and rib pain and headaches.

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