Dr Nina Lawson - Registered Osteopath

Nina has always been interested in health and as a career this started with her studying a Degree in Exercise Science when she left school. This enabled her to help a huge variety of patients with rehabilitation and recovery from injury.

However she soon realised that this was not enough so she went back to learning and completed her 5 years of study to gain a Masters in Osteopathy.

This enabled her to have both the theory and the practical elements of why injuries and pain occur and even more importantly know the best methods of recovery and treatment for patients.

This has helped Nina to get great results with patients through using a wide range of hands on techniques and by making sure each patient that sees her gets an individual treatment that is tailored to their exact problem.

Utilising a mix of firm techniques when required or only gentle methods if that's what an injury or patient needs Nina excels at finding the treatment that suits your body and circumstances.

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