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What can you expect from a 'baby' osteopath, will it be safe and will it help your baby?

Finding What's Right For Your Baby 

During the many years that we've being treating babies there are four main questions that parents will ask. 

So let's dig into those questions as they will help you with that big decision of choosing on behalf of your baby.

1. Is it Safe?

2. Will it Work?

3. Exactly what will you be doing to my baby?

4. Have you seen this problem before?

1. Is it Safe ?

We never use force with babies and young children and we never ‘click’ ‘crack’ ‘pop’ or thrust any part of their body or spine. So if you have concerns over videos or images you have seen of treatment like that then I can assure that is very very different from what we do.

Treating babies is very different to treating adults – obviously they are smaller and more ‘delicate’ but also their nervous system is still immature, and this means it is very important that they are treated very gently and as safely as possible.

We have treated ‘premmie’ babies as well as very sick babies in hospital intensive care and are used to handling distressed and anxious babies – and so we always treat with the utmost care, sensitivity and love. 

2. Will It Work?

In Australia - Osteopaths and all other health professionals are strictly prohibited from giving guarantees and we are not even allowed to use words like  'effective' when describing our treatment!

I would love to give you many testimonials from happy parents but again under Australian Federal law all Doctors are strictly prohibited from using any kind of testimonial. (Huge fines!)

What I can tell you is that we have a very strong reputation in the local community for helping several common 'baby' problems and that parents bring their babies and children to us from as far away as Brisbane, Sydney, Casino and even Darwin.

Those common problems are listed below in the "Have you seen this before?' section. But of course also feel free to just ring the clinic and discuss what's going on for your baby if you need more information.

3. What will you be doing to my baby?


Your babies first appointment will be 45 to an hour, we'll take a comprehensive history both of the problem and the birth, then we'll examine baby and then we'll treat. That examination and treatment will be hands on we will be looking at your babies joints for example how your babies hips, spine and neck move, will will also examine the cranial bones of the skull and look inside babies mouth for a tongue tie and for other problems.

All of this is done with gentle touch either with baby on a treatment couch, or seated on a knee or on your lap. The pictures above show you some examples of this. If baby is hungry that's fine as treating whilst baby is breast feeding works well.

Treatment and examination are always gentle and keeping baby happy is a priority.

These videos below of actual treatment will show you exactly what to expect

(You can choose to view the video full screen for a more detailed view)


4. Have you seen this before?

We've seen a fair amount of 'unusual' presentations but I will just list here the most common reasons that parents bring in their children. So with many years of experience treating babies if it's listed below then we have seen lots and lots of it !

Colic and or Reflux

Feeding and  Latch Problems

Unsettled Babies & Sleep Issues

Flat Head (Plagiocephaly)

Torticollis & Neck Problems

Birth Trauma & Difficult Births

Asthma & Respiratory Problems

Constipation or Overaly Loose Bowels



Please note that along with all other Doctors in Australia osteopaths are regulated and governed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). As such with regard to any non musculoskeletal conditions that are listed on this website it is it is a regulatory requirement that we inform you that our osteopaths treat the aspects of those conditions relevant to their practice of osteopathy (e.g. with a focus on the musculoskeletal system). In addition the role of this treatment can not be overstated in that every patient that we treat is a unique individual and as a result each patient's treatment outcome will vary and will be influenced by that patient's unique presentation.

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