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The biggest problem we have with the kids we treat is actually getting them to leave our clinic when we're done!

There's two aspects to treating young kids the first is keeping them happy the second is then diagnosing and fixing their problems. And it's definitely in that order as without the first you simply never get to the second, and as a parent you will probably agree that ...


Being Able to Handle Young Kids Is a bit of Art Form!

As it's a constant juggling act of keeping them happy and of course getting in the hands on treatment that you've brought them in for.

So what's our recipe.

  1. Gentle Treatment - always always, if it's painful you lose all trust with the child.
  2. Make it Fun - whether it's chatting and telling stories or the use of toys, this is key to getting their buy in
  3. The Clinic Space - first impressions are even more vital to kids than to adults, so our clinic doesn't look like a clinic and we don't look like doctors!
  4. Toys, Book and More Toys - we've been treating kids for years, so we know the right distraction is key - and it will vary hugely - some kids love books, others fiddly puzzles, other like building and so on
  5. Never Break The Contract - there's this unspoken contract give a bit get a bit, so we build trust we entertain we earn the right to treat, and the more we stick to that the more the child naturally allows the treatment but if we take before we give, contract broken, trust gone - pack up go home !


Ok you say that's great happy child, but that's not enough I can get that at a daycare! And right you are because that's only step 1, so let's move on and talk about what we treat and how we treat.

How We Treat

The questions that come up most of all from parents is "is it safe" and "will it work". 

Q. Is it Safe? – We never use strong force with young children and we never ‘click’ ‘crack’ or ‘pop’ any part of their body or spine. Treating kids is very different to treating adults – obviously they are smaller and more ‘delicate’ but also their nervous system is still immature, and this means it is very important that they are treated  gently and as safely as possible.  We are used to treating anxious and shy kids and so we always treat with the utmost care, sensitivity and love.

Gentleness and sensitivity is the key to safe treatment, and happily enough as we will explore in the section below it is also the cornerstone of what we have to be the most effective way to get improvements with kids



Q. Will it Help My Child? – With human health, if someone gives you a 100% guarantee then you are probably their 1st ever patient! Anything is possible when dealing with humans, even more so with children!.

Equally telling you how awesome we are means nothing – anybody with a website can big themselves up!  What I can tell you is that our  best advertising is word of mouth and that parents bring their babies and children to us from as far away as Brisbane, Nimbin and Casino. I would love to give you hundreds of testimonials from these and other happy parents as they do mean something – but unfortunately under Australian Federal law all Doctors are strictly prohibited from using any kind of testimonial.

So ‘Will It Help’ – if it's for what we have seen before (listed below) then probably as it has worked time and time again for those children, but I can't say definitely as your child's presentation maybe different. ( I have listed below what we have commonly seen present to clinic)please give us a ring and we can let you know whether we can help.

We also see quite strange and complex presentations, and often we have parents bring their children after all other medical options have been exhausted, usually we can help but not always. 

What we have seen and treated lot's of

Head Bumps, Injuries, Falls

Spine, Neck and Joint Issues

Headaches and/or Stomach Pains

Growing Pains & Leg & Joint Pains

Asthma & Respiratory Problems

Frequent & Re-occuring Infections & Colds

Problems Walking, Running

Balance & Co-ordination Problems

Behavioural Problems (from  anxiety through to anger)

Autistim Spectrum

Auditory & Sensory Processing 

Bed Wetting

Glue Ear



Please note that along with all other Doctors in Australia osteopaths are regulated and governed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). As such with regard to any non musculoskeletal conditions that are listed on this website it is it is a regulatory requirement that we inform you that our osteopaths treat the aspects of those conditions relevant to their practice of osteopathy (e.g. with a focus on the musculoskeletal system). In addition the role of this treatment can not be overstated in that every patient that we treat is a unique individual and as a result each patient's treatment outcome will vary and will be influenced by that patient's unique presentation.

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