Osteopath Gold Coast

Like to get rid of your pain fast? Our osteopaths have over 50 years experience helping patients bounce back quickly and be pain free.

Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Sports Injuries


On average 20 patients a day come into our clinic with these problems. So with our team's 50+ years of treating, that's a lot of experience !

That really helps when fixing your pain, but it's not the whole story. Because even though we've seen thousands of patients your problem will never be the same as someone else's.


So to get good results it's vital that we really work out what's going on for your body. That's why we always spend an hour on your initial appointment and first complete a thorough examination of your spine, muscles, and joints.


This makes your treatment  far more effective than rolling out a standard one size fits all treatment.

Click Here for more on how we treat back pain including videos of treatment

Of course we see lots of other problems as well from knee, hip  and ankle problems through to jaw pain, arthritis and chronic pain.

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