Osteopathy For Babies, Children and Teens

Are you looking for a natural and gentle way to help your baby or child? Osteopaths have a long and established history of helping children with over 140 years of experience treating all kinds of problems and conditions. 

Our osteopaths have given thousands and thousands of treatments to babies and children - this has covered a  huge range of problems - too many for a simple list - so this page is an entry point for you to explore how we can help you.
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Babies & Toddlers

From delicate new Borns with colic, reflux, sleep and head shape issues through to walking, bumps, falls and development in feisty or shy toddlers - we've seen it all!

Young Kids

Pre School to 10 covers a huge range - for these kids we commonly treat for back and neck problems, headaches, asthma, stomach pain, accidents, sports & dance injuries.

Teens & Tweens

We see a lot of scoliosis, back pain, neck pain, headaches, injuries, sport and dance but also a lot of teens with anxiety, mood or problems with learning and schoolwork.

Balance Problems in Children

If your child is 'clumsy', trips a lot bump into things then they may have a balance problem - this video explains the four main area that influence a child's balance

Auditory Processing Problems in Children

Auditory Processing has been described as this generation's dyslexia - it can hugely influence behaviour and learning