Knee Pain

If you currently have knee pain it will be no suprise to hear that knees have a really hard job to do for us. They're stuck trying to keep the hip and the ankle happy and also need to take occasional orders from the back and pelvis as well.


So any problem with any of these areas and the knee has to respond and change it's alignment. That change in alignment can  lead to the inability to deal with any sudden twists or turns and over time means that one part of the knee can wear out faster than other parts - that is arthritis or other forms of knee pain set.

And as well as that you can of course have direct injury to the knee from a fall or a blow or through sport or dance or other activities hurt the ligaments and muscles in the knee. When any of that occurs its really important to work out what's happened as understanding what's happened give the best chance of a full and speedy recovery.  

Understanding Knee Problems

Cartilage wearing, ligament strain, meniscal tear, bursitis - all these are common knee problems so it's important you actually know what these things are as that's the first step on the road to recovery

Good Alignment in the knee is key - it will keep the knee pain free and long term it can prevent arthritis.

 It's why it's worth you knowing which movements the knee dislikes as this strongly influences knee pain. It's also why a bit more knowledge on your part means you'll know what to do if your knee plays up.

Do you need to stretch it, or maybe it's the opposite and you need to rest it? Do you have the start of knee arthritis, or do you just have a 'knee strain' that will settle and go away. Do you need a x-ray or scan, if so what are your options?


The videos on this page will help arm you with the information you need to resolve your knee pain or even better if you currently have healthy knees then avoid knee pain and arthritis in the first place.

Knee Treatment

For knee pain alignment is more important than losing weight

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Osteopath Treatment For Knee Pain and Injuries


At our Gold Coast osteopath clinic we always pay a lot of attention to knee alignment as we've found it really can pay dividends in terms of quick results for the knee. We also look closely at the ankle, hip, pelvis and spine. As mentioned above often knee problems can originate from a problem in those areas being passed down. So if we want to not just fix the knee problem but avoid it coming back its important to involve those areas as well.

There are lots of specific techniques for re-aligning the knee joint and its muscles that not only are very effective but are also very gentle and do not apply strong forces through the knee. The video above shows just one of the techniques that we use


Knee problems we have treated at our Gold Coast osteopath clinic include arthritis, ligament strains, ACL, collaterals, muscle strains & tears, meniscus problems, bursitis, osteoarthritis, post surgery rehab, repetitive strain, patella tracking problems, chondromalacia patella and more.

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