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CranioSacral Therapy, also commonly known as CST has been around for many years but has been gaining in popularity recently.  Here at Ion Osteopaths, we are all CST or cranial practitioners as well as osteopaths.  Jonathan is fundamentally a cranial osteopath, and this is where it can get a little confusing so let me clear some of this up.


CST was 'invented' by a man called John Upledger, and he was an Osteopathic Doctor in the USA he realized that skull bones move and the profound effect that this could have on how he treated his clients.  He also realized that you didn't need to be an Osteopath to do this work, so he started teaching it to anyone who was interested, and it has now become a worldwide teaching institute.  There are many other schools that also teach CST.  Within the Osteopathic community, there are osteopaths who practice - cranial osteopathy - from which CST was derived.


There will always be robust discussion around who invented what and who influenced who and who are the rightful owners of this knowledge.  Putting politics aside - I don't really care who thinks they have the ownership of or the right to teach or practice CST.  Both Jonathan and I are graduates of Upledgers CST program so are 'qualified' to practice as CST practitioners.  Jonathan also teaches his associates Cranial techniques because they are exquisitely gentle and astonishingly powerful.  

So when you ring up and request CST all the practitioners here do practice CST.  As a stand alone therapy there is no governing body - it is not recognized by AHPRA or by private health funds - however, if you see one of the osteopaths here it is covered under osteopathic treatment on health funds.

  Some Chiropractors also have a version of Cranial Sacral Therapy - and indeed there are many many variations of it, expansions of it and reworking of it.  We teach our own brand of it called Binary Therapy it incorporates CST but takes it much further into the realms of connecting with soul and spirit as well as deeper into the physical aspects of treatment.

CST however, is completely unregulated, and anyone can call themselves a CST practitioner with little or no training or background - so do be careful when choosing a therapist.

 Cranial techniques are very gentle so it would be unlikely that an inexperienced practitioner would 'hurt' you but these techniques are potent and so should be done by someone with knowledge and training in this area.


So what does all this mean?  Well, when you come to us for CST you're in experienced and expert hands.  It is very safe, very effective and gentle.  There are no clicking or cracking movements, the 'adjustments' are barely perceptible, and clients often ask if we are doing 'reiki' or energy healing.


CST and or Binary Therapy and Cranial osteopathy work on the principal of detecting imbalance or restrictions within our body and releasing them.  Often these restrictions when released will have an emotional as well as a physical component.  You may want to cry or laugh or suddenly feel anxious, sadness or grief.  These are all very typical responses.  CST is especially useful for headaches, jaw and neck pain, pregnancy, colic and treating babies, balance and tinnitus issues and TMJ syndrome.

We recommend CST to everyone, and it is part of nearly all of the treatments you get at Ion Health.

If you would like to talk to one of us about your issue or if we can help drop us an email at or give us a call.




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