Breathing - how to do it well.

Breathing,  the simply act of taking a breath.  It is automatic and we do it as much a s 30 000 times a day.  As simple as the process is the internal chemistry and the effects are felt in every cell in your body.  

Understanding breathing:  The Chemisty, the Science.

Skip this bit if you don't want to know the ins and outs (Ha! pun intended of breathing). I have kept it as simply as I can but that may be too much for you.  I feel you, move on.

 As we breath in Oxygen rich air it is absorbed in the lungs, where it travels into the blood system. Blood travels around the body delivering oxygen so  by the time it gets back to lungs it  is carbon dioxide dense and oxygen poor.   The carbon is released from the blood we breath it  out.  This keeps the balance in the blood and in our body. 

What causes us to breath in and out is controlled by the respiratory center which is located in the brain stem which sends messages...

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