Foam Roller Video Exercises For The Back

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2017

We've been treating for so many years now that we know for sure that most people don't have a regular stretch routine. And before I lose you, no this is not going to telling you how bad you are for not stretching it's just human nature, because unless we get a reward from something we're unlikely to keep doing it.

So why don't people get rewarded by stretching, because 

1. It's uncomfortable or painful - and we give up after a day or so

2. It's doesn't give any quick improvements


But that's becuase like dieting we steam into it with no real idea what we are doing, overdo it and at best just kill our enthusiasm and at worst injure ourselves.

So what the answer - well the magic bullet of stretching is the foam roller, but you've got to use it corrctly so if you've got one and you've been bashing it up and down your body, no stop ! That is ok if you like punishing yourself, but to make it the magic bullet you've got to do less not more, you've got it to use 2 extra ingedients

Static Poses and Breathing

This video will demonstrate, it will show you how not moving your body just lying on the foam roller (static pose) reduces the chance of injury but more importantly helps the nervous system relax. and what controls your muscles? yep that nervous system.

Then the breathing in allows you to strecth and more importantly feel the tight bits that need stretching, and then when you breathe out the nervous system lets go and the muscles will let go as well.

Seems simple, well it is but isn't that the secret to all magic formulas ! Watch the vid and give it a go.

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