What is causing my headache.

headaches migraine tmj Aug 14, 2016

There are many types of headaches and just as many causes of headaches.

Rest assured that majority of headaches are not serious - they can be debilitating and frustrating but mostly headaches are more a sign that something is amiss rather than a sign of a serious problem.  

However - never ignore a persistent or an extreme headache, especially one that wakes you up or causes speech problems or numbness.  If you have these symptoms, then seek urgent medical help.

To help you understand your headache and some of the causes and symptoms let's start by taking a look at the different types of headaches and what causes them.

A Sinus Headache

This kind of a headache is felt in the front of your face behind your eyes and into the top of your cheekbones.  It can be an intense stabbing pain that is often accompanied by a cold of the flu or seasonal allergies.  

The sinus cavity becomes irritated and inflamed or fills up with mucus and infection causing the...

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Having trouble with Breatfeeding your baby? 4 reasons it may not be going well.

If you are unable to get a proper breastfeeding latch when your baby is feeding or if you feel that there are other problems with latch such as baby pulling off or tiring etc. then you’ll find this article essential.

There is a huge number of articles & videos on the internet explaining how to position baby correctly in order to get a breastfeeding latch that works. This advise helps thousands of Mum’s but despite this there are still lots & lots of babies that can’t establish a proper breastfeeding latch.

So if you are using the right techniques what stops baby getting a great breastfeeding latch?
What is often overlooked is that there is a physical reason preventing a proper breastfeeding latch. We aren’t talking about a serious physical problem – anything like this would have been picked up by the hospital. However there are lots of strains caused by birth, you’ll know this for sure as you were the one going through it all & giving...

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Knee Pain and Obesity

knee pain Jul 24, 2016

Losing weight is not the real answer to knee pain – which is great because it’s hard to lose weight when your knee prevents you exercising!

This article focuses on the knee but what we say here also holds very very true for the hip and hip pain.

Over the years we’ve treated many many knees many of them belonging to patients who are overweight or obese. One of the things we learned very early on is that the weight issue is not that closely linked to arthritis. You will be glad to hear if you’re overweight and suffering from knee pain, especially because lots of people tell you …

…’just lose weight’! – Yep, thanks for that, I really hadn’t thought of that !!

One of the reasons why we think knee pain and obesity aren’t strongly linked is that we have had lots and lots of patients who were overweight but only had pain in one knee! Seems simple – and there may be many factors involved. A client being...

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Neck and Jaw Pain - What is causing it and how can I get help

jaw and neck pain Jul 17, 2016

There are lots of reasons for neck pain, but if you are getting neck and jaw pain, then it narrows down to these reasons.

The Link between Neck and Jaw Pain

There are lots of muscles in the neck that run up and attach to the skull bones, what this means is that a problem in the neck can effect the skull bones. As one of the skull bones (the temporal) makes up half of the jaw joint an issue in the neck can affect the jaw joint. So, of course,  a problem in the jaw can also cause an issue with the neck hence why neck and jaw pain often appear together.

What is the TMJ and what is TMJ Syndrome

The TMJ is the jaw joint T = temporal Bone M – Mandible (jaw bone) J = Joint. TMJ Syndrome is the name given to ongoing pain and inflammation in that joint. It is important because TMJ problems can cause not only jaw pain but also neck pain or a combination of neck and jaw pain.


 Reasons For Neck & Jaw Pain

Muscle strains in the neck, upper back or shoulders can cause...

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